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Our research focuses on the dependability of SOA and Web Services. Web Services are often autonomous, and loosely-coupled with clients.The current Web Service specifications do not define mechanisms for ensuring the dependability of Web Services. Dependability becomes a vital issue in Web Service applications, and an active research topic in recent years. Our research especially focues on finding solutions to improving the dependability of Web Service compositons with autonoumous component services.


  • We have developed a Web Service monitoring tool, called WSsDAT. The lightweight platform- independent Java tool is capable to monitor the dependability characteristics of Web Services fromend-users' perspectives.
  • We have conducted a series of experiments using teh WSsDAT with a number of real world Web Services, especially the BLAST Web Services in bioinfomatics domain. Please check our publications for more details.
  • We Have developed a novel solution, called the WS-Mediator systems, which employs an overlay mediator architecture, implements Web Service dependability monitoring and assessment mechanisms, Resilience-explicit dynamic reconfiguration mechanism, and fault-tolerance mechanisms to improving the dependability of Web Service composition.
  • We have implemented a Java prototype of the WS-Mediator system evaluate the WS-Mediator approach.
  • We have conducted a series of experiments using the Java WS-Mediator framework. The results demonstrated the applicability and efficacy of the our solution.

More details please see our publications.