Our work so far would not have been possible without the help of many European partners. We are very grateful for their support and help with sampling. Some of the names are presented below and we hope we have not forgotten anyone.

Donald Pigott, Cumbria

Joan Cottrell (Forestry Commission Research Agency)

Rebecca Roseff (University of Birmingham)

Franz Starlinger, Heino Konrad and Thomas Geburek (Federal Forestry Research and Training, Austria)

Ole Kim hansen (Kopenhagen University, Denmark)

Paul Ashton (Edge Hill university)

Wolfgang Riener (NAtl PArk Thayatal, Austria)

Mari Rusanene and Leena Yrjänä (Finnish Forest Research Institute)

Joukje Buitenveld (Wageningen, the Netherlands)

Peter Rotach and Urs Rohner (ETHA Zurich, Switzerland)

Reiner Finkerdey (Georg August Univ Goethingen, Germany)

Tor Myking (Skog and Landskap, Sweden)

Bruno Fady (INRA Avignon, France)

Remy Petit (INRA Bordeaux, France

Aristotelis Papageorgiou (Democractus Univ Thrace, Greece)

Gheorghe Postolache and Drago Postolache (Acad Sci Moldova)

Eduardi Notivol (CIAT Spain)

Silvia Fineschi (Consiglio Naz delle Ricerche, Italy)

Ladislav Paule (Techn Univ)

Attila Borovics (Forest Res Instit Sarvar)

Dalibor Ballian (Bosnia Hertzegovena)

Ferenc Lakatos (Univ West Hungary)

Ervin Rasztovits (Hungary)

Faruk Mekie (Univ Sarajevo)

Bruno Chopard (ONF, DTCB, Dole, France)

Stephano leonardi (Univ PArma, Italy)

Milan Chytry (Masaryk Univ Brno, Czech republic)

Hugh Milner and many others from the Limewood Working Group

Lord Howick and Robert Jamieson (Howick Garden, Northumberland)

Sarah Couch (Historic Landscape)

Dan Crawley (Westonburt Arboretum)

Chris Trimmer and many colleagues (Natl Trust)

Tim Laurie (Swaledale Woodland Project)