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*Arriving Spring 2018*


The film will explore the lost city of Great Yarmouth described in Nashe’s Lenten Stuffe (1599). It will also feature a dumbshow, a daring escape, a series of 35mm photographs, scenes of fastidious beard shaving and a trudge across East Anglia.

James Tucker’s voiceover conjures up the prosperity of Great Yarmouth known to Nashe, and the accompanying images search for that city which is now lost to us. The film will be a double image, where you can see the architectural skeleton of the Elizabethan city, as well as the neglected Great Yarmouth of today.

Anna Brass is an artist and filmmaker based in Norwich. To find out more about her work, visit

In preparation for his portrayal of Thomas Nashe in Brass’ film, actor James Tucker spoke with academics specializing in the Elizabethan world of Thomas Nashe. Click here to hear these podcasts now!

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