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    Professor Gary Montague
    Appointed: February, 1985

    Email: gary.montague@ncl.ac.uk

    Office: BBTC
    Phone: +44 (0)191 222 7265
    Website: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/ceam/staff/profile/gary.montague

    Research Interests
    Process Control, Neural Networks, Biochemical Engineering

    10 October 2007
    Introduction to the SysMA seminar series

    Recent Publications and Conference Papers
    R. E. Hodgett, E. B. Martin, G. Montague, M. Talford "Handling Uncertain Decisions in Whole Process Design". DOI: 10.1080/09537287.2013.798706 (2013). Production Planning and Control

    R. E. Hodgett, E. B. Martin, A. Manipura, G. Montague "Comparison of AHP, MARE and ELECTRE III for Equipment Selection" (2013). European Journal of Operational Research (Under Review)

    Chen, T., Martin, E., Montague, G. "Robust probabilistic PCA with missing data and contribution analysis for outlier detection". (2009). Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 53 (10), pp. 3706-3716

    A. Manipura, P.N. Sharratt, E.P.L. Roberts, I. Houson, G. Montague, E. B. Martin, K. Fernandes. "Decision support system for route selection in pharmaceutical process development". (2009). AIChE's 2009 Annual Meeting, Nashville, USA, 8th 13th November 2009.

    A. Manipura, P.N. Sharratt, E. B. Martin, G. Montague, K. Fernandes, E. Tsang. "An integrated decision support system for developing pharmaceutical products and processes". (2009). The 8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Montreal, Canada, 24th 27th August 2009.

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