Portfolio research

A major aim of the Collaboration is to increase the North East's contribution to activities listed on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio. The Portfolio comprises of high-quality research studies across the spectrum of clinical fields including speech and language therapy.


Participating in Portfolio listed studies brings various benefits and support from the Clinical Research Network who can:

Such support in the North East may be sought from the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or the County Durham and Tees Valley Clinical Local Research Networks (CLRNs) or the specialist NIHR North East Stroke Research Network.

Service and Trust involvement in Portfolio studies also raises their research profiles and allows greater access to additional funding streams for future research-related activities, such as via Flexibility and Sustainability Funding (FSF).

Taking part in Portfolio listed studies

There are two main ways that SLTs in the North East to get involved with Portfolio listed studies:

  1. To apply to have your study listed on the Portfolio when completing IRAS applications (some studies will automatically eligible depending on how the study is being funded)
  2. To become an 'additional site' for studies already listed on the Portfolio who are conducting multi-site studies and who are 'open' to new sites.

SLTs in the North East have already been, or are currently involved with the following Portfolio studies

Evaluating the cost effectiveness of computer therapy compared with usual stimulation for people with long standing aphasia: a feasibility study (CACTUS)

Impact of speech disorders on the reading and spelling of children with cerebral palsy: a pilot study

Predicting the development of communication skills by children with motor disorders

SemaFoRe:Semantic Feature & Repetition therapy in aphasia: A pilot RCT

Current SLT-related Portfolio studies

These are studies that are currently listed on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio which may be of interest to SLTs. If you are interested in these projects and potentially interested in being involved in some way you can contact the Collaboration and our Research Facilitators can investigate these possibilities further.


Evaluation of Stroke Services in Anglia Stroke & Heart Clinical Network using patient centred approach

A randomised controlled trial of pharyngeal electrical stimulation in the treatment of dysphagia after brain injury

Reorganisation of the neural language system following brain damage

An investigation into rhythm and intonation in speakers with ataxic dysarthria


Language and development following perinatal aterial territory stroke in term born infancts. A neuroimaging study

Impact of speech disorders on the reading and spelling of children with cerebral palsy: a pilot study


Health services general

Commissioning for long term conditions: Hearing the voice of and engaging users