This page contains some links to websites which may be helpful in different areas of conducting research. If there is anything missing or if you know of other websites which would be good for others to know about please let us know by contacting us.

Links are divided between:

  • Courses
  • Research organisations and information
  • Other organisations
  • Information and literature searching


    Newcastle University offers courses in:

    MSc in Evidence Based Practice in Communication Disorders

    CPD for SLTs & Allied Professionals: Accredited, advanced modules in Professional Practice



    Research organisations and information

    The NHS National Research Ethics Service (NRES)
    - provides a wealth of information about procedures for carrying out research.

    The NHS North of Tyne R&D Website
    - contains information about conducting and getting involved in research

    The Clinical Research Network Co-ordinating Centre
    - gives information about how the clinical research networks can help in setting up and conducting research.

    The North East Stroke Research Network
    - may be a particular research network of interest

    The Department of Health R&D
    - gives information about national R&D programmes, funding and governance

    The UK Research Councils
    - gives links to the seven UK research councils and offers information and various funding opportunities. May be particularly interesting if you are considering pursuing an academic degree alongside your research.

    The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has several useful web pages:

    - is a friendly, professional signposting service for all researchers working in health and social care settings.

    - contains information about health-related research courses and training opportunities.

    - contains information on health-related funding opportunities.

    RD Research flowchart
    - gives an easy-to-follow and clickable flowchart providing information and tips on each stage of the research process.



    Other organisations

    The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)
    - the members’ sections contains information about carrying out research and potential sources of funding.

    Newcastle University
    - have a useful compilation of general funding sources.

    The Stroke Association
    - has information on currently funded projects and funding opportunities.



    Information and literature searching

    NHS Evidence
    - allows you to search for all kinds of information from a variety of different sources including evidence based reviews, official guidance, and books, journals and databases.

    Intute’s Virtual Training Suite
    - offers a set of free Internet tutorials to help you develop Internet research skills.

    Google scholar
    - provides a web-based search tool which gathers information primarily from official sources (e.g. Universities and Governmental organisations).

    - An Australian database of the evidence base in Speech and Language Therapy Practice

    The NSW Speech Pathology EBP Network
    - An interesting EBP network with useful sections for current clinical questions and also crtical appraisal