BIU - Bio-Imaging Unit

The Biomaging core facility provides an invaluable state-of-the-art microscopy resource to the University, other academic institutions and industry. The facility comprises three sites within the University, each running multiple microscopes. We have a comprehensive image analysis suite allowing users to perform off-line deconvolution and create automated analysis workflows. The facility is staffed by five experienced members of staff who can provide equipment tuition and advice on experimental design and image analysis.


The facility caters for a wide variety of imaging requirements and can offer: conventional brightfield, phase, DIC and wide field-fluorescence microscopy as well as confocal-microscopy including 'high-content' confocal screening. In 2016 the facility received £1.5m funding from the University's research infrastructure fund which allowed us to replace and upgrade instruments as well purchase two fixed-cell and live-cell super resolution imaging systems (Leica STED & VisiTech iSIM).

We can cover a wide range of imaging techniques on both live and fixed samples for example: Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleach (FRAP), Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), time lapse (live-cell) light-sheet and volume (z-stack) imaging. Our equipment can also accommodate fixed and live-cell automated screening (high-content) applications and is supported by several networked and dedicated workstations running both commercial and open-source image analysis software.

Our facilities can be accessed by both internal and external academic researchers as well as commercial projects. Access can be on one of three levels: unsupervised (once trained), part-supervised, contract (we do the imaging). Our team of specialists can provide advice on all aspects of microscopy from experimental design through to image analysis.


BioImaging Facility
Second Floor William Leech Building
Newcastle University
Framlington Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0191 208 4860


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Dr Glyn Nelson (CAV) (
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Ms Lisa Hodgson (IGM) (
Academic lead: Professor Nick Reynolds (

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