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Parallel Execution with Automated Changes (PAC)

A decent grid size in SHETRAN entails massive runtimes that originate from its time intensive solution of physically based equations. We made PAC for you to run SHETRAN in parallel in Linux OS, and thus achieve medium to massive speedups depending on your hardware (beginning from multiprocessor laptops).

PAC is ideal for saving time during sensitivity analysis, model calibration and multiple-scenario runs (say 100 rainfall realization forcing).

We tested PAC on four pre-existing models. Using from 1 to 30 processors at a time, the run time for completion of 30 runs each time were noted. The results are illustrated below.

You do not have Linux or do not know about Linux? Worry not! You still can use PAC by installing a Virtual Machine - see User Guide for details

Click this link for the full User Guide and software: PAC Downloads



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Last modified: 20/7/2017