Hunt, 2009, pencil on paper, 30cm x 36 0cm

Drawings from ‘Why is the Chalice the shape it is?


Steps, 2004, wood, 30cm x 30cm x30cm

Perspective grid, (from Nexus Journal article) 2003

Glass 2, (detail) 2004, pencil on paper, 180cm x 120cm

Heart of Darkness, 2003, pencil on paper, 180cm x 120cm (Height and width)

Spin, 2001, pencil on paper, 120cm x 120cm

Drawings from ‘Speculations on the origins of Linear Perspective’



The project has resulted in several types of outcome and has been disseminated in various ways:

  • Finished and investigative/explicative drawings that have been/will be exhibited.

  • Investigative, analytical or explicative drawings, exhibited and used within the various papers/presentations/publications.

  • Explicative animations made and exhibited, dealing with the relationship of the mechanics to the imagery.

  • Peer-reviewed presentations made to research groups and to conferences, both within the university and internationally, and to academic and non-academic audiences.

  • Papers/essays published in peer-reviewed international journals/books.

The practice and research is cross-disciplinary and therefore presentations and papers have been given in the Fine Art, Architecture, Mathematics, Art History, Psychology/Neuroscience arenas.





  • 2006, Nexus VI, conference/publication, Nexus Journal of Architecture and Mathematics, Genoa University Architecture School.

  • 2006, 'L'arte della Matematica nella Prospettiva', inaugural conference and publication, International Centre for the Study of Perspective, Urbino.

  • 2007, 'Renaissance Vision: Dialogues between Art and Science' symposium, European Conference on Visual Perception, Arezzo. International art historians and neuroscientists also presenting (unpublished).

  • 2010, Renaissance Society of America, Venice, paper 'Perspective and Spatial Play' in session 'Reappraising the Role of Illusionism in Early Modern Painting'.

  • 2006, invited paper discussing research at the international conference 'The Drawing Board', Lincoln University. Collected papers published, 2007 and published 2009 on-line in 'Tracey: Contemporary Drawing Research.

  • 2009, Peer-reviewed paper ' Perspective: what it doesn't say on the tin', (unpublished) presented in session 'Creative practice interventions in Art History' at 'Creative Practice, Creative Research' Conference, York St John University.

  • Invited to contribute chapter 'Drawing Connections' to 'Writing on Drawing' . ed. Steve Garner, Intellect Books, 2008.

  • Peer-reviewed paper 'Ambiguity and the development of Linear Perspective' published 2006, 'Tracey: Contemporary Drawing Research'.

  • Show at Red Box Gallery, Newcastle, 2006: video plus drawings, first stage of project initially involving colleagues in computing using drawing and animation.

  • One-person show, 'Grid', Hatton Gallery, 2007, showed drawings exploring original research question, which concerned different approaches to perspective construction.

  • 2009, In Between the Lines 'Contemporary British Drawing', Trinity Contemporary, London