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Picturing Paradise looked at places where people have created notions ‘paradise’ in their personal homes and gardens - these bubbles of existence we create for ourselves, away from the reality of the everyday.


Is there some common denominator to what we consider essential ingredients that constitute such an ideal place? For instance do most personal paradises have a garden? Water? Trees? If so, what kind of trees? How do these conceptions relate to ideas handed down through pictorial conventions and media images? Do they become carriers of our dreams and aspirations? And finally, are our attempts at perfection always doomed to failure?


The work was presented in the form of an installation as a slide show with a voice-over: a conversation between Lisa Le Feuvre and Uta Kogelsberger.



‘A private Paradise’, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art


‘Roads, Flares and Paradise’, Athens Month of Photography, Aenaon Gallery, Athens



‘International Month of Photography’, Hellenic Centre for Photography.


A comprehensice catalogue of all the work in 2008 Athens Month of Photography.