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night-vision extended Kogelsberger's research exploring photography as a metaphor for the 'subjectivity' of perception. Through a series of night-time photographs it proposed parallels between mechanisms at play in the production of images and those involved in our perception of the real. It was developed with regard to post-modern discourses about shifting relationships to the real.


Exploration, through the photographs, of the shifts of perception we experience in darkness raised wider questions about our understanding of what is 'real' and issues of subjectivity and pre-existing knowledge: when deprived of visual stimuli, our brains 'fill in' for what the eye can't see and the mind begins to occupy an intensified mental space where the real and the imagined can become indistinguishable from one another.

The project sought to create visual equivalents for this state of mind. Working with artificial lighting and night-time staging the work pushes the medium of photography: use of daylight film and long exposures coupled with artificial lighting resulted in unusual colour shifts. The resulting photographs appear to have been manipulated and reference cinematic language, pulling into question their own believability and contributing to discourses about the authenticity of photographic images.


The work was developed during residencies where the remoteness of the environment ensured an absence of ambient lighting: the Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship (2001/2002), Arts and Architecture Residency at Kielder (2003/2004) and a Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center (2003).


The project was supported by grants from Arts Council, English Heritage, Photo-North, and an AHRC grant for Creative and Performing Arts.



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The publication "Uta Kogelsberger", includes text by Jean-Paul Curnier, (Photo North, ISBN 0-9546001-1-80 2005). A book about the Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship, featuring all participants e.g. Mike Nelson and Marcus Coates is planned.



'Moon Struck', Berwick Gymnasium, Berwick-Upon-Tweed,



'Retreat', Café Gallery Projects, London,

3/09/2003 to 28/09/2003


'Gegenlicht', Art Lab, London,

18/09/2003 to 26/10/2003


'Oases', Laurence Miller Gallery, New York.

08/07/2003 to 22/08/2003


'Festival-off', Les Rencontres, Arles (screening)




‘Uta Kogelsberger’, artist monograph, text by Jean-Paul Curnier, pusblished by Photo-North


‘The Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship’ an archival record, published by English Heritage and Art Editions North