At the beginning of my AHRB fellowship at Newcastle University, I intended to develop new works of art that would deal with notions of landscape & cityscape in new formal ways. In the early stages of the research I envisaged producing a PDF-eBook that would guide me through the development of objects, audio works and other that I could not, at that point in time, anticipate, yet which would eventually amount to a portable landscape.

The work was intended to engage with debates about art in public places and offer new possibilities of looking at landscape. Eventually there emerged three main developments within the project: one that followed the plan towards a portable landscape laid out in the original Fellowship proposal; one in relation to  internet- and computer-based works of art; and one that followed a philosophical dimension relating to fluid conditions.

The three developments were guided by investigations into new visual possibilities of PDF-files, the visual use of browsers and temporal sculptural activity.


The results are suggestive as to the use of landscape, the understanding of what landscape is and how it could be seen in the future. Formally, the project developed in a  way that was less object-based, more image-based way than I had envisaged. The response to my works during those three years was encouraging and involved inclusion in important new media festivals, invitation to give talks, a solo show with catalogue of my internet- and computer-based works, an artists' book titled Portable Landscape.