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New industrial strategy looks to rural as well as urban growth

This week the UK government announced a new industrial strategy that takes into account not only the contribution of urban areas to our economic growth but also the important role played by rural businesses. “Building a Britain fit for the future”, focuses on many of the same themes as CRE/Rural Enterprise UK’s own publication “What's holding rural businesses back?”  Professor of Rural Development Jeremy Phillipson said: “The Strategy's enhanced coverage of the contribution of rural areas alongside our cities and towns is a welcome improvement on the earlier Green Paper.  Much now rests on the development of local industrial strategies, sector and growth deals that are as relevant and accessible to rural as to urban areas. Taking into account the evidence set out in 'What's holding rural businesses back?' may require business policies and programmes that are specifically tailored to addressing significant differences in the plans, obstacles and use of support by rural and urban firms in order to encourage them to thrive and grow.”


Last modified: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 09:52:46 GMT