How We Work

The team operates on an internal consultancy model, charging staff onto research grants. Operating as a team gives flexibility to researchers in a number of different ways.

Pooling Resource

Sharing resource across projects reduces bus-factor and ensures continuity of support for the research project. Typically we allocate two people for every 1FTE of effort required, so RSEs work in pairs. This means that if someone leaves mid-project or has a period of absence then someone else in the team can continue to support your project.

Flexible Allocations

RSEs can be assigned to projects at key times on the project, and not always continuously. Over a multi-year research project, you may only require software development expertise at specific times or as a part-time role, making it difficult to recruit yourself. Timeline permitting, using the team means you can request support in short bursts and multiple points during your project. We can also support staff working at fractional FTE splits, again making it easier to support getting an experienced software engineer onto your project who is shared with another researcher.

Skill Sharing

Projects benefit from fractional FTE splits of RSEs with different skills and experiences. Finding all the skills and knowledge your project needs in one human can be tough, having two software engineers at half time each with complementary skills can be better for your project rather than one full-time developer who only has some of the skills needed.