Matteo Sordini

  • Deputy ceo of ATSsrl, expert on remote sensing and geomatics, UAV pilot

Matteo Sordini, deputy ceo of ATSsrl, has 15 years of professional experience in remote sensing and geomatics for cultural heritage and is a certified UAV pilot for critical operation. Graduated in Landscape Archaeology at University of Siena he attended a UNESCO master on Open source for cultural heritage.  

Since 2005 he has been carrying out research activities in the Laboratory of Landscape Archaeology and Remote Sensing at the University of Siena, experimenting with range and image-based 3D modelling for archaeology recording, both from terrestrial and UAV platforms. He has directed fieldwork research and worked at a series of research and heritage projects, in Italy, Greece and Iraq, including the mapping the archaeological landscape of Campagnatico (Italy), the 3D surveys of the ancient cities of  Nineveh (2018) and Hatra (2020) in Iraq as well as working at internationally recognised projects such as the “Grande Progetto Pompei” (2015), the “Phaistos project “ (2016, 2017) and the ERC funded “Neumed project” (2016 -2018). profile

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