Inclusive Governance & Regulation

Inclusive Governance & Regulation

Domain Leader: Professor Danny Mackinnon

The pursuit of more socially inclusive economic geographies crucially depends upon the development of supportive forms of governance and social regulation at different geographical scales - local, regional, national, supra-national. The 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession exposed the limitations of existing governance frameworks – especially given their failure to implement meaningful reforms. Against this backdrop, this domain engages with:

  • challenges to established neoliberal orders and austerity politics s in Europe and North America
  • possiblities for representative democracy and accountability, given shifting public engagement and trust in many Western countries
  • the re-scaling of nation state power e.g. to supra- and sub-national institutions

As such, this Domain seeks to integrate hitherto separate strands of research on governance institutions and more radical social movements and activist groups, supported by collaborative dialogue with non-academic stakeholders.  The work will be grounded at the urban scale whilst linking outwards to engage with national and supra-national agendas, institutions and movements.

How can inclusive growth be promoted at the urban scale?
How can different strands of state theory be brought together and developed to generate new understandings of states as governance institutions within multi-scalar contexts?
What is the scope for the articulation of more progressive forms of urbanism, building on theories of progressive localism?