Current projects

The current team led by Dr. Julia Reichelt is focusing on five research areas: keratin intermediate filament function, keratinocyte stem cell regulation, gene therapy development, generation of disease models and psoriasis (for details click on sidebar).  

A deeper understanding of the role of keratin filaments will help develop therapies for disorders which are due to keratin mutations such as KRT5 and KRT14 mutations which cause the blistering skin disease epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS). The lab is currently developing gene therapy approaches for EBS and epidermolytic ichthyosis (EI) using designer nucleases.

Keratinocyte stem cells provide a source of new tissue as they can proliferate and differentiate giving rise to new adult skin cells. Our research group is studying signalling pathways that are involved in the response of keratinocyte stem cells to stretch with the objective to use this knowledge to improve wound healing.