On your account page (login to get here) click on ‘+ Create a new item’ then:

  1. Add a title that describes the data
  2. Add additional authors. These should be the people who were involved in creating, processing and analysing the data that is being deposited. Newcastle University researchers will appear as you type, and you click on the name to add them. External collaborators can be included by pressing return to enter their name and email and ORCID can be included but check with these data authors before providing this information. The order of authors can be change by clicking and dragging the names to the correct order
  3. Select subject categories
  4. Select file types
  5. Add tags (keywords) that are relevant to deposited data and project
  6. Add a description of the deposited data. This is to provide a potential reuser with a clear understanding of what the data is. So essentially this is an abstract of the data. To ensure that the data can be used by a wide-range of researchers we recommend a README file is also created. This will include study-level information about the context and design of the research and data-level documentation on levels of variables (if these can’t be embedded into datafiles)
  7. Include the details of any funding grants received (ideally the grant number of reference)
  8. References can be included (ideally DOIs) to related content such as publications, pre-prints, project websites and larger datasets
  9. Apply a licence to the data
  10. Choose the Unit of Assessment the dataset falls under
  11. Apply an embargo if required 
  12. Make the data confidential if needed
  13. Click save changes
  14. Click publish and confirm the information
  15. Research Data Service will review the deposited data and either approve and publish or suggest edits



You can also drag data onto the page to start the process