Data Access

It is likely that during a project you will require access to data or collect data away from a campus computer. You may also need to share and receive data from collaborators or data third party data providers. It is important that the tools and methods you use are secure and effective.  

Remote access

If you have an Internet connection it is recommended to use the Remote Application Service (RAS), which allows you to access the data and IT Service Cluster applications.

It is possible to save the files you require on a USB or a laptop hard drive for the period you’re working away. Make sure all valuable data are backed up on another medium and stored separately. Then transferred to university storage as soon as practical. 


Sharing data with collaborators

Within the University 

If collaborators have access to the University network it is advised to share the project folders containing the data. This includes collaborators who have visitor profiles and other University staff. IT Support Officers will be able to support with the creation and sharing of these folders.

Office 365 Groups is a collaborative tool, enabling you to work collectively when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans and scheduling meetings.

Research projects that are registered on the University’s High Performance Computing Service - Rocket will have access to a project directory within the 500TB filestore, which can be shared. However, this storage is only for files in use and are not backed up so not suitable for master copies of the data. 

Outside the University

Office 365 Groups can also be used with project partners outside the University. Members of a created group will have access to a shared inbox, calendar, and Files Library.  

Filr can be used for collaborators outside the Newcastle network and who require regular access to data. This service allows the sharing of folders on the University’s filestore. The advantage of this method is that the data doesn’t leave the University so it is always backed up. Access control can be delegated and permissions on per-folder basis.

For one-off sharing of files upto 20GB the University provides a Drop-Off Service. This service is a more secure method of sharing data that you may attach to an email. Members of the University (those with a email address) can share data or external users can drop the data off for a pick up.

It is not recommended to share data through ‘free’ cloud based storage or email. These methods aren’t secure, have limited capacity and limits the control of versioning.