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Siemens delivers booster propulsions and waste heat recovery energy management systems for United Arab Shipping Company’s nine new-building container ships

...With the aid of waste heat recovery, ships' exhaust gases are converted to electric power. This cuts fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions, boosting cost-effectiveness of ship operation and relieving the environment... Siemens will supply for each ship a four-megawatt booster motor with shaft generator function and an energy management system that optimally provides the energy recuperated from the WHR (waste heat recovery) system to the ships' on-board power system... by Siemens on 24 Nov 2009

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New revolution in electricity generation

… the technology delivers higher thermal efficiencies than conventional power plants and increases the amount of electricity that can be generated from low-grade heat sources…
by The University of Newcastle, Australia on Friday 20th November 2009

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process industry plants (source:nepic)

Acknowledgement is due to NEPIC for this picture

Diageo to capture waste heat for use at Burghead Maltings

...“What would normally be termed as waste heat, we’re capturing it and will pipe the steam down to Burghead, where they can use it in the malting process,” he said. “Basically we’re making them as self-sufficient and efficient as they can be.” The spokesman said the transfer of steam was not a new concept but was unusual in the whisky world, as was the idea of an on-site bio-energy plant... by Emma Christie, published by The Press and Journal on 16 Oct 2009

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How to Make Electricity From Wasted Energy

… Chemical manufacturing plants, combined heat and power plants...commonly have low-grade heat as a by-product. This energy goes to waste or in the worst-case scenario the company pays to cool it. …
by Sarah Lozanova on March 12th, 2009 posted in Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency

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