Papers published by network members

in our first special issue with Elsevier's Applied Energy (Impact Factor: 5.106)

in our second special issue with Elsevier's Applied Thermal Engineering (Impact Factor: 2.064)


in other issues or journals

An optimised domestic CHP system with hybrid electrical storage application by Chen et al (Newcastle)

Validation of simulation model for cogeneration power and water desalination plant by Al-Weshahi et al (Newcastle)

The feasibility of the sustainable energy supply from bio wastes for a small scale brewery - A case study by Sturm et al (Newcastle)

Control of physical consistency in metamodel building by genetic programming by Armani et al (Leeds)

Multi-objective computational fluid dynamics (CFD) design optimisation in commercial bread-baking by Khatir et al (Leeds)

The application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and oven design optimisation in the British bread-baking industry by Khatir et al (Leeds)

An artificial neural network approximation based decomposition approach for parameter estimation of system of ordinary differential equations by Dua (UCL)

Approximate multi-parametric programming based B&B algorithm for MINLPs by Gueddar and Dua (UCL)

Disaggregation-aggregation based model reduction for refinery-wide optimisation by Gueddar and Dua (UCL)

Sustainable water desalination using waste heat: Optimisation of a liquid-liquid extraction process by Polykarpou and Dua (UCL)

Using low-grade heat for solvent extraction based efficient water desalination by Thanapalan and Dua (UCL)

A robust optimisation based approach to the general solution of mp-MILP problems by Wittmann-Hohlbein and Pistikopoulos (Imperial)

Pro-active scheduling by a combined robust optimisation and multi-parametric programming approach by Wittmann-Hohlbein and Pistikopoulos (Imperial)

Exploitation of low-grade ehat in site utility systems by Kapil et al. (CPI, Manchester)

Integration of low grade heat with district heating by Kapil et al. (CPI, Manchester)

Side-wide low-grade heat recovery with a new cogeneration targeting method by Kapil et al. (CPI, Manchester)

Improving energy recovery in heat exchanger network with intensified tube-side heat transfer by Pan et al. (CPI, Manchester)

Don't lock me in: Public opinion on the prospective use of waste process heat for district heating by Upham & Jones (Tyndall, Manchester)

A comparision of two low garde heat recovery options by Walsh & Thornley (Tyndall, Manchester)

Barriers to improving energy efficiency within the process industries with a focus on low grade heat utilisation by Walsh & Thornley (Tyndall, Manchester)

The environmental impact and economic feasibility of introducing an organic Rankine cycle to recover low grade heat during the prodcution of metallurgical coke by Walsh & Thornley (Tyndall, Manchester)

Developments to an existing city-wide district energy network: Part 1 - Identification of potential expansions using heat mapping by Finney et al. (Sheffield)

Developments to an existing city-wide district energy network: Part 2 - Analysis of environmental and economic impacts by Finney et al. (Sheffield)

Modelling and mapping sustainable heating for cities by Finney et al. (Sheffield)

Evaluation of a biomass drying process using waste heat from process industries: A case study by Li et al. (Sheffield)

Analysis and simulation of continuous food frying processes by Wu et al. (Brunel)