SusTEM special sessions at ICAE2013


A conceptual multi-objective optimisation framework to design energy efficient commercial bread-baking ovens by Zinedine Khatir (University of Leeds)

Absorption low temperature cooling using activated carbon-ethanol working pairs by Ahmed Elsayed(University of Birmingham)

An experimental test on a 3-stage multi effect distillation system by Azhar Ismail (National University of Singapore)

Assessment of a solar-powered organic Rankine cycle system for combined heating and power in domestic applications by James Freeman (Imperial College London)

Development of ship engine heat driven absorption refrigeration and cooling storage system by Guohong Tian (Newcastle University)

Effect of flow pulsation on energy consumption of a radiator in a centrally heated building by Ahmed Elsayed (University of Birmingham)

Effect of inlet and outlet configurations on blow-off and flash back with premixed combustion for high hydrogen content fuels in a generic swirl burner Julian Steer (Cardiff University)

Effect of slope angle and truncation level of heat pipe based compound parabolic collector for Kano Nigeria by Kiyarash Rahbar (University of Birmingham)

Energy analysis of a solar blind concept integrated with energy storage system by Justine Chiu (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

Laminar burning velocity and markstein length characterisation of steelworks gas blends by Dan Pugh (Cardiff University)

Mathematical and CFD modeling for a rectangular finned tube absorption bed for automotive cooling system by Ahmed Elsayed (University of Birmingham)

Modelling and CFD analysis of a miniature radial turbine for distributed power generation systems by Kiyarash Rahbar (University of Birmingham)

Organic Rankine cycle recovering stage heat from MSF desalination distillate water by Guohong Tian (Newcastle University)

Technical analysis of a stand-alone PV-wind system with hybrid storage for households by Yaodong Wang (Newcastle University)

The effect of blending coals on their sustainability for blast furnace coal injection by Julian Steer (Cardiff University)

Wave propogation and thermodynamic losses in packed-bed thermal reservoirs for energy storage by Alexander White (University of Cambridge)

Wireless energy behaviour monitoring for energy management by Li Shao (University of Reading)