PRO-TEM special sessions at ICAE2012


Advanced heat pumps with thermal storage for demand side management by Ming Huang (Ulster University)

Comparative techno-economic analysis of biomass fuelled combined heat and power for commercial buildings by Ye Huang (Ulster University)

Ethanol adsorption characteristics on metal organic frameworks for low temperature cooling applications by Raya Al-Dadah (Birmingham University)

Dependency of production planning on availability of thermal energy in commercial green houses by Yaodong Wang (Newcastle University)

Experimental investigation of the effect of fin configuration on the thermal performance of various PCM based heat sinks by Raya Al-Dadah (Birmingham University)

Free-CHP: Free-piston reciprocating joule cycle engine by Rikard Mikalsen (Newcastle University)

Heat recovery opportunities in UK manufacturing by Jonathan Norman (University of Bath)

Implementation of energy saving and GHGs emission reduction in investment casting process by practical application of a new casting method by Xiaojun Dai (Cranfield University)

Investigation of a combined CHP with energy storage (CHP-EES) system by Dawei Wu (Newcastle University)

Investigation of the performance of trigeneration and CO2 refrigeration systems in supermarket applications by Yunting Ge (Brunel University)

Micro trigeneration system driven with preheated croton oil - A performance and particulate emission study by Dawei Wu (Newcastle University)

Opportunities for energy savings by experimental and numerical analysis of the bread baking process by Joe Paton (University of Leeds)

Techno-economic feasibility of soprtion chillers coupled to humidificaiton dehumidification desalination process for low grade heat recovery by Yaodong Wang (Newcastle University)

Study on a small scale solar powered organic Rankine cycle utilising scroll expander by Guohong Tian (Newcastle University)

The influence of process design and controls on energy-saving opportunities of continuous frying systems by Hongwei Wu (Brunel University)

Thermal performance of a vertical closed-loop oscillating heat pipe and a proposed correlation by Jian Qu (Jiangsu University)