The findings of a research are not reliable unless they are supported by a sufficient number of references. Due to this reason, the PRO-TEM Network has put some effort to provide an online facility which provides some research materials from regulations, network conferences, stakeholders’ workshops, academic reports, industrial reports and position papers. Through this, it is hoped that the Resource Area can firstly stimulate knowledge transfer between academia, industry, government and NGOs; and secondly ensure all relevant individuals and organisations in this technical field are kept up to date and have access to the latest information and data.




Resources made available via the Network are classified into the following categories:

  • Regulations and policies
  • PRO-TEM Network Conferences
  • PRO-TEM speciall sessions at ICAE2012
  • Meetings, forums and workshops
  • Academic reports
  • Relevant reports published by industries and other organisations
  • Position papers by network members
  • Papers published by network members
  • Presentation delivered by some network members at other events

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