Background and Objective

The process industry is a substantial user of energy and whilst many process systems have been optimised in recent years, there is an opportunity to improve the efficient use of thermal energy in existing plant operation and the design of future plants. To date most processes have been optimised on a 'stand-alone' basis. However, the efficient use of thermal energy requires a different approach as opportunities, knowledge, and motivation to improve efficiency are likely to be both within and outside the plant or company who operates it.

For this reason, successful future efficiency developments must be collaborative. The Process Industries Thermal Energy Management (PRO-TEM) Network has been created and established since 2009 to effectively forge close links between academia, industry, government (local and national) and NGOs. The aim of the PRO-TEM network is ‘to promote and disseminate internationally recognised high quality research and support knowledge transfer in process industry energy utilisation to all process industry stakeholders.’

Process Industry (source:  NEPIC)

Acknowledgement is due to NEPIC for this picture

The key objectives of the PRO-TEM Network are to

  • provide a forum to incorporate stakeholder opinions in the area of process industries thermal energy management.
  • provide a focus for interdisciplinary research in this area for the research community at UK HE institutions and to liaise with international experts to ensure the UK achieves world leading status in this technical area through the transfer of experimental techniques, models and scientific advances.
  • stimulate knowledge transfer and mobility between academia, industry, government and NGOs.
  • identify and promote future research requirements based on partner contributions and links to Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTN) and other relevant EPSRC network.