About Us


Who we are...

The Paediatric and Lifecourse Epidemiology Research Group (PLERG) was established in 2002 and brings together a range of people with common research interests.  PLERG members are from universities and hospitals in the North East and includes professionals from research, academic and clinical backgrounds.  Information about members of the group can be found using our Staff List page.



And what we do...

As epidemiologists we are interested in the causes, the distribution and the control of conditions affecting health in populations.  Work carried out by PLERG looks at  the epidemiology relating to pre-natal and childhood environments as well as analysing the action and interaction of factors at different stages of the lifecourse.  We also have an interest in childhood injury and injury prevention.  Information on our research can be found on our Research pages.

The Research Group has compiled a Report on its work from 2002-2004. 


If you wish to read the Report, you can download the PDF file from here.      PLERG REPORT 2002-2004