Research Projects

The Gateshead  Millennium Study (see also the Gateshead Millennium Baby Study.)

Longitudinal study tracing 1000 children born locally in the year 2000.


Pre-school Autism Communication Trial                                                    

A multi-site trial, developed in collaboration with the National Autistic Society, will involve 144 children on three sites in Manchester, Newcastle and London.  This study will study the effectiveness of a treatment to enhance parent/child communication and the social and language development of the child.


Establishment of a Registry of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in North East England - Daslne                                                             

Daslne is a database of children with autism spectrum disorder living in the North East.


The Families and Communication Training and Support (FACTS) – Evaluation of Parent  Group Training for  Pre-School Children with Suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

An evaluation of the ‘More than Words’ training programme for parents of young children with autism spectrum disorders.


International Molecular Genetic Study of Autism Consortium (IMGSAC)

Newcastle is one of five sites for this International Consortium.


Development of Parent-Reported Outcomes of Early Intervention for Children with Autism: the Well-being In Autism Index (WIAI).

Development of a parent – rating scale which will capture changes in children’s attention, awareness and physical symptoms.


The Development of Diagnostic Algorithms for Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Primary and Secondary School-Aged Children

UK collaboration redefining diagnostic algorithms for autism and autism spectrum disorders.


“Will it ever stop?” Repetitive Behaviours: A Neglected Area of Early Autism Research

Longitudinal analysis of change or stability in repetitive behaviours of 104 young children with communication disorders, including autism spectrum disorders.


Randomised Study of an Age-Paced Parenting Newsletter (Baby Express) in North Tyneside 2002-2006

A study examining the effect of delivering an age-paced newsletter to new parents in North Tyneside over the first two years of their child’s life.


Making Sense

Understanding the development of repetitive behaviours in children over time and the links to thinking styles.