Red Spot Exhibition


The Red Spot Exhibition was unveiled at the Discovery Museum with an opening event on 29th May.  All study members that we are still in touch with were invited to attend the opening and it turned out that the event was very popular indeed.  Many Red Spots and their families attended and saw Dr Hugh Jackson officially open the exhibition.  Dr Jackson was a member of the original team from 1947 when the study began.

The exhibition brought together many personal photographs and memorabilia from Red Spots who had very kindly agreed for them to be shown.  The photographs were mounted in specially-made frames; the documents from individual study members, the archives at the Sir James Spence Institute and the Tyne and Wear Archives, were placed in glass cabinets so that they were shown off to their full potential.  This was all done by Michael McHugh from Tyne and Wear Museums who did an excellent job of bringing the Thousand Families Study to life for all to see.

Michael also devised a timeline running from 1947-2005 detailing important world events which had occurred over the lifetime of the Red Spot Babies.   There was also a PowerPoint presentation showing life in Newcastle covering housing conditions, lifestyle and study members attending the Royal Victoria Infirmary for the various tests that they went through. 

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