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Publications for Dr
Tessa Pollard

In Press


2006 Publications

Cooper R, Blell M, Hardy R, Pollard TM, Wadsworth MEJ, Pearce MS, Kuh D.  The validity of age of menarche self-reported in adulthood.  Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health. 2006; 60: 993-997


2003 Publications

Pollard TM, Schwartz JE. Are changes in blood pressure and total cholesterol related to changes in mood? An 18-month study of men and women. Health Psychology 2003; 22: 47-53

Pollard TM, Carlin LE, Bhopal R, Unwin N, White M, Fischbacher C. Social networks and coronary heart disease risk factors in South Asians and Europeans in the UK. Ethnicity and Health 2003; 8: 263-75


2002 Publications

Pollard TM, Fischbacher C, Unwin N. Trends in sex differences in mortality from heart disease: oestrogen may contribute to variation in mortality. British Medical Journal 2002; 324: 238

Ahmad N, Pollard TM, Unwin N. The optimal timing of blood collection during the menstrual cycle for the assessment of endogenous sex hormones: can inter-individual differences in levels over the whole cycle be assessed on a single day? Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention 2002; 11: 147-51


2001 Publications

Pollard TM. Measuring demographic group differences in cardiovascular reactivity to stress using a mental challenge in the laboratory: problems of interpretations. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2001; 55: 288


Publications from and prior to 2000

Pollard TM, Ward GA, Thornley J, Wooster G, Wooster J, Panter-Brick C. Modernisation and children's blood pressure: On and off the tourist trail in Nepal. American Journal of Human Biology 2000; 12: 478-486

Pollard TM, Steptoe A, Wardle J. Motives underlying healthy eating: using the Food Choice Questionnaire to explain variation in dietary intake. Journal of Biosocial Science 1998; 30: 165-79

Pollard TM. Physiological consequences of everyday psychosocial stress. Coll Antropol 1997; 21: 17-28

Steptoe A, Wardle J, Pollard TM, Canaan L, Davies GJ.  Stress, social support and health-related behavior: a study of smoking, alcohol consumption and physical exercise. 1996; Journal of Psychosomatic Research 41(2): 171-80.

Steptoe A, Pollard TM, Wardle J. Development of a measure of the motives underlying the selection of food: the food choice questionnaire. Appetite 1995; 25: 267-84

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