Dr Charlotte Veal

My research focuses on the intersections between: (dancing) bodies, geopolitics and creative security; performance protest and the city (including site, space, place and landmarks); art, militarism and war; and develops the theories and practices of creative research methods. Crosscutting these strands of empirical and methodological enquiry is a concern with the value of the cultural and political geographies of performance and creativity. I am particularly interested in bringing theories and practices of choreography and performance into conversation with emerging work on geopolitics, security, mobility and militarism. More recently, I have examined the cultural geographies of the micro, with a particular focus on the role of everyday practices (including infection prevention), visualisation and creative mapping techniques, and the languages and theories of security and biopolitics.

 My current research responds to the unprecedented return of walls, fences, and separation barriers, as nation states seek new strategies of security in an era of geopolitical turbulence. Based upon a major piece of comparative interdisciplinary empirical research, spanning three continents, the project examines how choreography and dance practices can animate and contest urban securitised borderscapes. My research has been published in leading geographical and interdisciplinary journals including Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Geoforum, Area and Geohumanities.