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St Martin's Workhouse admissions ticked for Mary Snider, 16th March 1798.

Mary Snider was admitted to the workhouse on the 17th March 1798. The numbers on the top left of the ticket refer to the fact that this was her first time of entry, that she was 53 years of age at admission, and that she was admitted into Ward 21. Her entry is on page 384 of the relevant admissions register. Snider  stayed only 13 days and, following an examination into her case by the Governing Board (the Churchwardens and Overseers of the parish) on March 21st, she was discharged on 30th March 1798.  Mr Samuel Conno was the Workhouse Steward. Conno had been appointed in 1795 following the dismissal of his predecessor for incompetence 'in consequence of his Age & Infirmity'.  Conno died in April 1801. (Westminster Archives Centre, F4022/384, F2075/95, 207)


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