The Team

Rosie Bush

Rosie has been a associated researcher with theOral History Unit since January 2018. Rosie's first degree was in English Studies at Nottingham University, and she completed her MA in Public History and Heritage Management at Nottingham Trent University in 2008.

Rosie is a part-time teacher of English, Linguistics and Drama in a secondary school in Northumberland, where she has been teaching for more than a decade. She brings this extensive experience in working with a diverse range of young people to her engagement with history and heritage. 

At weekends Rosie co-runs the Puffin Theatre Club for children in Amble and the surrounding area. She writes a monthly column for the Northumberland Gazette entitled 'Hidden Heritage', which is also her twitter handle @heritage_hidden. 

Public engagement, education and community impact are the areas that most interest Rosie in her work moving forward with the Oral History Unit & Collective. She is currently working with Dr Alison Atkinson-Phillips on an educational website that will support schools to engage with the history of shipbuilding in the North East, supported by the Catherine Cookson Foundation.