Studentship projects 2023

Please find below a list of 50 projects that we have available for 2023 entry. Please click on the links to view the project details.

OP2301 - Nick Rutter, UNN - Measurement and modelling of carbon emissions in snow-covered Arctic tundra and taiga biomes‌‌

OP2302 - Bethan Davies, NCL - Quantifying the controls on, influences and glaciological impacts of glacier disconnections on ice masses worldwide

OP2303 - Chris Bull, UNN - Improving the representation of the ice shelf ocean cavity circulation in global ocean models

OP2304 - Caspar Hewett, NCL - Solving the Leaky Barrier Conundrum: Nature Based Solutions to reduce flooding

OP2305 - Oliver Heidrich, NCL - Climate change strategies and natural resources

OP2307 - Hilmar Gudmundsson, UNN - Modelling Thwaites glacier, Antarctica, and assessing recent and future tipping points

OP2310 - Darren Evans, NCL - Understanding and mitigating the impacts of light pollution on nocturnal pollination processes in the Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot  

OP2311 - Magda Carr, NCL - Laboratory modelling of internal solitary waves and sea-ice

OP2313 - Andrew Baggaley, NCL - Modelling the dynamics of microplastics in our seas

OP2314 - Mark Goddard, UNN - Astro-turfing the city: quantifying the impact of artificial lawns on the structure and function of urban ecosystems

OP2315 - Mark Whittingham, NCL - Impact of pesticides on farmland birds

OP2316 - Laura Wadkin, NCL - The impact of climate change on the spread of invasive pests in UK treescapes: mathematical insights

OP2317 - Mike Rogerson, UNN - Greening Tunisia: reconstructing rainfall and landscape change in central north Africa over the last two glacial cycles

OP2318 - Stuart Dunning, NCL - Moving mountains: Large rock-slope failures in the United Kingdom

OP2319 - Sean Wilkinson, NCL - Quantify the impacts and consequences of future climate, superstorm

OP2320 - Rosie Everett, UNN - Restored or reinvented? Assessing the success of peatland restoration pilot projects in the Northumberland National Parks using environmental DNA (eDNA)

OP2321 - Vasile Ersek, UNN - A detailed climatic context for the growth and decay of Cretan Civilisations  

OP2322 - Adrian Jenkins, UNN - Circulation and melting beneath Antacticas floating ice shelves; combining observations and models to reduce uncertainty in sea level projections

OP2325 - Ronja Reese, UNN - Tipping points in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica

OP2327 - Miguel Morales Maqueda, NCL - The end of the road? Processes controlling microplastic accumulation in the Arctic Ocean

O‌P2329 - James Guest, NCL - Photogrammetry as a tool to improve coral reef restoration  

OP2330 - Miranda Predergast-Miller, UNN - Microfibres in soils: detection, degradation and impact  ‌

OP2331 - SeyedReza RazaviAlavi, UNN - A Decision Support System for Improving Maintenance and Resiliency of Infrastructure under Climate Change Impacts

OP2333 - Claire Walsh, NCL - Natural Flood Management: Intervention Monitoring and Quantification

OP2334 - Matthew Perks, NCL - Remote sensing of river flow using uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and satellite platforms

OP2335 - James Martin, UNN - Grounded on thin ice: Characterising the subsurface hazards that are driving Arctic landscape change

OP2336 - Seb Pitman, NCL - Climate change impacts on North-East spoil beaches: Understanding the impacts of the coal mining legacy

OP2337 - Pippa Moore, NCL - Seagrass recovery and restoration in a bay of international conservation importance

OP2338 - Vassilis Glenis, NCL - Towards better representation of surface-subsurface flow interactions in urban areas particularly during extreme events

OP2339 - Wai Lok Woo, UNN - Forecasting and Studying Ocean-induced Ice-Shelf Melt Rates using Machine Learning

OP2340 - David Xie, NCL - New biopolymer-based tools for mapping environmental water pollution with toxic metal ions

OP2341 - Hoang Nguyen, UNN - Data-driven prediction of landscape changes in permafrost coasts

OP2342 - Xiaohui Qi, UNN - Early warning of regional-scale landslide hazard under climate change

OP2343 - Maxim Kapralov, NCL - Can we reverse climate change by changes in carbon capture enzymes?

OP2345 - Rinke Vinkenoog, UNN - Monitoring and detecting species in anthrobiomes: Bees on the Faroe Islands  

OP2346 - Joseph Graly, UNN - Glacial Impact on Earths Chemical Cycling and Climate

OP2347 - Katherine Baldock, UNN - Grow or mow? Managing urban grasslands for pollinator conservation and soil ecosystem services

OP2349 - Elizabeth Lewis, NCL - Optimising future water resource management in Scotland

OP2351 - Elisa Lopez-Capel, NCL - How does post-industrial land regeneration contribute to Biodiversity net gain in the UK?

OP2352 - Gary Caldwell, NCL - Investigating the bi-directional impacts of dredging on seagrass restoration in the River Tees estuary

OP2353 - David Pearce, UNN - Unlocking the potential of mineral fines in biogeochemical cycling

OP2354 - Holly East, UNN - Exploring the health and environmental drivers of coral reef bright spots

OP2355 - Michael Deary, UNN - The development and application of novel real-time sensors for high spatial resolution monitoring of aquatic pollution

OP2358 - Ben Wigham, NCL - Ice, Ice, Babies! The role of periodic and catastrophic ice loss on species connectivity in polar systems. Using ice-ocean models to predict changes in larval dispersal under future warming scenarios

OP2359 - Talib Butt, UNN - The worsening impacts of Contaminated Lands/Soils due to Climate Change

OP2360 - Andy Suggitt, UNN - Where the wild things go: finding and creating refugia from climate change in Northern Britain

OP2363 - Alister Scott, UNN - How can the planning system deliver effective and socially just climate change policy and developments

OP2364 - Jane Delaney, NCL - Connecting people to the ocean and monitoring climate change through marine recreation

OP2365 - Otti Croze, NCL - Environmental biophysics of microalgal migration in snow

OP2366 - Hayley Fowler, NCL - Will feedbacks from increased drought (drier land) and higher rainfall intensities alter flood inundation and affect water quality? Combining the management of droughts and floods