Studentship projects 2022

APPLICATIONS FOR 2022/23 ENTRY NOW CLOSED. We will readvertise in November 2022 for entry September 2023.

Please find below a list of 63 projects that we had available for 2022 entry. Please click on the links to view the project details.

Studentship code - Academic supervisor - Project title

OP2201 - Adam Jarvis - 'Legacy mine site risks to water treatment works in a changing climate'

OP2204 - Andy Suggit, 'Establishing the empirical basis for microclimatic buffering as a nature-based adaptation to climate change'

OP2205 - Angela Sherry, 'Determining the environmental fate and persistence of crop protection products and effects on microbial community composition and function'

OP2206 - Anil Namdeo, 'Adaptive buildings design to counteract impact of climate change on indoor air quality'

OP2207 - Anke Neumann, 'Understanding the role of clay mineral reactions for Zn sequestration and release'

OP2208 - Caspar Hewett, 'Solving the Leaky Barrier Conundrum: Nature Based Solutions to reduce flooding'

OP2209 - Chris Bull, 'Improving the representation of the ice shelf ocean cavity circulation in global ocean models.

OP2210 - Chris Hackney, 'Defining sustainable sand mining rates through the lens of freshwater biodiversity loss'

OP2211 - Chris Kilsby, 'Optimising flood risk management interventions in catchments and cities'

OP2212 - Claire Walsh, 'Monitoring the Impact of Green Infrastructure using Citizen Science in Urban and Rural Catchments'

OP2213 - Darren Evans, 'Understanding and mitigating the impacts of light pollution on nocturnal pollination processes in the Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot'

OP2214 - David Manning, 'Natural Resources and Urban Climate Strategies'

OP2215 - David Pearce, 'Microbial regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from polar regions'

OP2216 - Davide Motta, 'Reconstructing climate and landscape change in drylands from sedimentary records'

OP2217 - Elizabeth Lewis, 'A new 3D hydrogeological dataset for the UK to drive projections of hydrological extremes under climate change'

OP2218 - Evelyn Jensen, 'Measuring genetic erosion and changes in connectivity using historical DNA to improve predictive models of species ranges under climate change'

OP2219 - Haibo Feng, 'Enhancing urban flood resilience with innovative digital design technologies'

OP2220 - Heather Sugden, 'Temporal and spatial drivers of nuisance macroalgal blooms in Budle Bay and its implication for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning'

OP2221 - Joseph Graly, 'Greenland Ice Sheet melt regime and biogeochemical feedback'

OP2222 - Kate Winter, 'Water and sediment routing through glaciers in West Greenland'

OP2223 - Kezhi Wang, 'UAV-assisted prediction system to fight against wildfires, deforestation and climate change'

OP2224 - Louise Mair, 'Quantifying human-driven threats to marine species'

OP2225 - Lucy Asher, 'Trees to mitigate the climate change impacts of poultry'

OP2226 - Maarten van Hardenbroek, 'Understanding how wetland species became rare or locally extinct using sedimentary DNA and stable isotopes'

OP2227 - Marion Pfeifer, 'Bottom-up systems approaches to optimize nature-based solutions (NbS) for climate change mitigation and adaptation(CCMA)in tropical agricultural landscapes'

OP2228 - Mark Goddard, 'Astro-turfing the city: quantifying the impact of artificial lawns on the structure and function of urban ecosystems'

OP2229 - Matt Westoby, 'The state and fate of mountain permafrost and implications for debris supply in glacierised catchments'

OP2230 - Matthew Perks, 'Assessing the performance of river management schemes to attenuate peak flows and enhance in-stream processes'

OP2231 - Maxim Kapralov, 'Can we reverse climate change by changes in carbon capture enzymes?'

OP2232 - Mike Rogerson, 'Do forests established on alkaline bedrock sink more or less carbon than forests established on other materials?'

OP2233 - Miranda Prendergast-Miller, 'Microfibres in soils: detection, degradation and impact'

OP2234 - Neil Ross, 'Quaternary ice-sheet and climate change on the Northeast Atlantic margin'

OP2235 - Nick Parker, 'Resilient treescapes for a changing climate: a mathematical approach'

OP2236 - Nima Gerami Seresht, 'Enhance the Climate-Resilience of Infrastructure Systems Using Smart Simulation and Adaptive Decision Making'

OP2237 - Oliver Heidrich, 'How can blue-green infrastructure support climate change efforts?'

OP2238 - Otti Croze, 'Environmental biophysics of microalgal migration in snow'

OP2239 - Per Berggren, 'Holistic management to create sustainable, climate change resilient small-scale fisheries in Jangamo, Mozambique'

OP2240 - Pippa Moore, 'Drivers and resilience of urchin barrens in UK kelp forests'

OP2241 - Rachel Carr, 'Impact of climate change and deglaciation on Glacier Lake Outburst Flood hazards in Lunana, Bhutan'

OP2242 - Reza Alavi, 'A Data-Driven Simulation Approach forConsidering Climate Change Impacts inInfrastructure Asset Management'

OP2243 - Richard Kotter, 'A critical exploration of strategies at local city level of linking of carbon disclosure and carbon reduction strategies and interventions with impact and co-benefits'

OP2244 - Rinke Vinkenoog, 'Dining out in the Anthropocene: the impact non-native Himalayan Balsam on bee Microbiome, health and pollinator ecosystems'

OP2245 - Ronja Reese, 'Tipping points in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica'

OP2246 - Sainan Sun, 'Glacier calving-observations and modelling'

OP2247 - Sainem Acikalin, 'Role of turbidity currents and biofilm in nurtient transport to deep-sea environment'

OP2248 - Sarah Coulthard, 'Building social-ecological resilience to maintain a viable fishing sector in the UK - a key response to climate change'

OP2249 - Sean Wilkinson, 'The use of Consequence forecasting to quantify the impact of climate change on society'

OP2250 - Seb Pitman, 'Controls on sub-arctic coastal zone dynamics, Skeioararsandur, SE Iceland'

OP2251 - Shannon Flynn, 'The impact of ferric phosphate molluscicides on soil micronutrients bioavailibility, microbial communities, and agricultural green house gas emissions'

OP2252 - Talib Butt, 'The worsening impacts of Contaminated Lands/Soils due to Climate Change'

OP2253 - Thibault Congy, 'Nonlinear wave description of glacial outburst floods'

OP2254 - Vartul Sangal, 'Investigating the impact of climate change on hydrocarbon degrading microbial consortia and bioremediation capacities of petroleum refinery sludge'

‌‌‌‌‌‌OP2255 - Vasile Ersek, 'Past climate changes in Southeast Asia. Insights from cave stalagmites'

OP2256 - Vassilis Glenis, 'Towards better representation of surface-subsurface flow interactions in urban areas particularly during extreme events'

OP2257 - Victor Zevallos, 'Physiological response of quinoa to environmental stress: effects on nutritional profile, plant immunity, pest management and soil carbon content'

OP2258 - Yao Liu, 'Understanding ecological memory: plants and ecosystems as information processors'

OP2259 - Yipang Ma, 'Modeling meltwater patterns by statistical physics'

OP2260 - Yit Arn Teh, 'What Are The Controls on Aqueous N Export From Human-modified Tropical Peatlands?'

OP2261 - Zi Qian, 'Developing a methodology to measure and optimise the impacts of climate change on urban building environment'

OP2262 - Adrian Jenkins, 'Circulation and melting within the ocean cavities beneath Antarctica floating ice shelves'

OP2263 - Andrew Wilmott, 'Modelling the dynamics of microplastics in our seas'