Residential Activity Centre (RAC)

Residential Activity Centre (RAC) took place in November 16th - 17th 2021.

All of our doctoral students attend the annual RAC alongside academic staff, industrial partners and end-users (CASE partners), at a local, but outside Newcastle, venue. The aims are to build cohort relationships and develop new ideas with all cohorts, academics and end-users. 

The RAC includes: 

  • Discussion of grand challenges in climate science 

  • Invited talks from leading academics and industrial partners 

  • Sandpit for end-user interaction 

  • Opportunity for peer-to-peer feedback 

  • Reflection on your experiences to feed into your Training Needs Analysis (TNA)  

  • Opportunity for inputs into proposal development for first year students. Project proposals will be co-created from training in core modules, and co-developed with partners/supervisors which will begin from discussions at the RAC 

  • Post-PhD career options 

  • Emphasis on transdisciplinarity in research  

  • Discussion of the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) and employability 

  • Cohort building activities 

It is hoped that in addition to training and vital networking with academics and external partners/end-users, the RAC helps to build the sense of being part of the DTP cohort, where you can share advice and experience with others. Working with students across the whole of ONE Planet will help you to develop your academic networks and feed into the multidisciplinary elements of your training as a DTP student.