Spectroscopy Suite

Our spectroscopy facilities enable compositional analysis of materials such as ceramics, glass, soils and more using different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Portable X-Ray Fluorescence - Bruker II (pXRF)

Our workhorse instrument enables rapid assessment of bulk materials in the lab or in the field.


Leica DM6 with integrated LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)

In addition to our DM6 system for fluorescence spectroscopy, we have an additional DM6 system with integrated LIBS. This enables high precision spot characterisation of samples such as uncovered thin section slices and samples of glass and ceramics, simultaneously with high resolution imaging.

Leica DM6 LIBS


FT-IR Spectroscopy - ThermoFisher Summit Pro with diamond ATR

This portable FT-IR system is capable of both transmittance and ATR modes and can provide compositional data on a wide range of materials in the lab, museum or field.