Microscope Suite

NeMCAS contains state of the art and bespoke microscopes to cover a wide range of applications in archaeological and heritage science. For more routine work and teaching we have a suite of Leica DM750P and EZ4 microscopes and DM2500 with cameras, which can be accessed with minimal training. Other equipment is accessible after appropriate training.

Keyence VHX7000 Digital Microscope

The Keyence 4K Ultra-High Accuracy Microscope system is incredibly versatile, enabling analysis of many materials from microfossils to large 3 dimensional objects. The articulated arm enables easy access for hard to reach areas, and is fully portable.

Keyence VHX7000


Leica DM6 B Fluorescence microscope with Flexacam C1 camera


The Leica DM6 B is a fully automated system with the full range of analytical capabilities including transmittance, polarising options and automated and programmable switching between contrast methods. LAS X Navigator software enables the full range of measurements, tile scan aquisition and image stitching. This microscope enables advanced analysis of autofluorescent materials with applications including assessment of burnt bone, preservation of wood, phytolith analysis and more. An second DM6 system with integrated LIBS can be found under spectroscopy facilities.

Leica DM6 B


Leica M205C Stereoscope

The M205C has an unrivalled combination of high resolution and depth of field, enabling detailed analysis and imaging of 3D objects and surfaces. It is the world’s first stereomicroscope to achieve an optical resolution of 0.952 µm. Motorised focus and software enable z-stacking for superior imaging capabilities.

Leica M205C