2D and 3D scanning suite

Bookeye 4 V2 Pro Archive A2 scanner

The Bookeye 4 Professional Archive book scanner and book copier enables high quality digitization of originals up to A2 including books, magazines and posters. Access to the Bookeye scanner is managed via the museum, please contact Caroline McDonald at the GNM if you are interested in using this equipment.




 Artec 3D scanning systems

Our 3D digital scanning suite enables us to produce 3D models both for virtual space and to reproduce objects for research and educational purposes. NeMCAS hosts a range of Artec scanning systems including the Artec Eva scanner that uses structured light scanning to scan objects up to 61,000cm3 with a resolution of 0.5mm; the Artec Micro for scanning small objects (max. 324cm3) with a resolution of 10 microns; Artec Space Spider medium sized objects (max. 2000cm3) with a resolution of 0.1mm and the Artec Leo for larger monumental objects (160,000cm3) with a resolution of 0.5mm. Please contact Alex Turner if you are interested in using this equipment.