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ProPIG is a European Union ERA-net CORE Organic II project, in which re-search funding from individual member countries is co-ordinated. It is planned to run for 3 years between 2011 and 2014. To find out more go to Research Projects > ProPIG on:
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Five phases to ProPIG:

  1. Monitor health, welfare, feeding and environmental impacts on organic pig farms across 8 European countries
  2. Compare results to identify strengths and weaknesses in man-agement
  3. Discuss findings with farmers and encourage everybody to adopt best practice where possible
  4. Return to monitor farms a year later to see if improvements have been achieved in practice
  5. Finally sharing findings within the industry and other researchers



A group of 8 research partners are working together to investigate the relationship between health, welfare, nutrition and the environmental im-pact of organic pig production across Europe.

The idea is to identify and roll out best practice on farms then develop-ing a decision support tool to guide sound management leading to im-prove efficiency.

The research will test if:

  • Good animal health, welfare and proper nutrition decreases the envi-ronmental impact at farm level
  • When well managed, all production systems practiced across Europe are similar in respect to environ-mental impacts, animal health and welfare
  • Identifying specific problems on farms and offering advice will im-prove welfare, reduce their envi-ronmental impacts and improve profitability
  • Better feed management will im-prove pig performance, health, wel-fare and environmental impacts.



Activities will be carried out over a range of production systems in;

Czech Rep.
United Kingdom