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One of the goals of the N-TOOLBOX project is to compile results of previous and ongoing projects, and to act as a centralized, European repository of information that can be easily accessed for the development of National Action Programmes for NVZs. This links page will be updated often to ensure that the latest information from existing and new projects is available. It will also provide links to the latest directives and legislation at the European and National Level.

European Information
The European Union has instituted legislation to improve water quality and reduce N losses from agricultural systems. The Water Information System for Europe (WISE) site ( is a good starting point for information on these directives at the European level. This includes information on the Water Framework Directive and the Nitrates Directive.

European projects on nitrogen management in agricultural systems include:

Nitrogen in Europe

European Centre of the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI)

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones in the UK

DeFRA’s software for nutrient management planning

The Proactive programme at Newcastle University