The N-TOOLBOX project began in 2009 in response to a call from the EU for a project that would improve uptake of the Nitrates Directive at the farm level across the EU. The project brings together partners in the UK, The Netherlands, Denmark and Spain. The emphasis is on the identification and testing of practical solutions to the problem of nitrate pollution within the agricultural sector.

Now entering its final year, results are being compiled with the goal of coming up with some useful recommendations on how to improve farmer uptake of strategies to reduce water pollution. Recent results include:

  • A catalogue of farm-level strategies to reduce N losses to water from agriculture has recently been completed and is available in PDF format, and as an interactive web-based tool
  • Findings from on-farm case studies conducted by project partners in each country are available on this website
  • The N management decision support tool, NDICEA has been improved during this project so that it is now adapted for use in the four partner countries, with an interface in Spanish, Dutch, Danish or English

Explore these web pages to find out more about this project and for links to other useful information about nitrogen management on farms in the EU.


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The project (N-TOOLBOX-227156) is co-funded by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research, within the 7th Framework Programme of RTD, Cooperation Theme 2 - Biotechnology, Agriculture & Food.
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