The Farmer-Participatory Trials

The field trials expanded to farm-based trials in November 2016 to evaluate the potential for spelt and rye to perform on farms in NorthEast England. The experiment will run for two growing seasons (Year 1: 2016-2017; Year 2: 2017-2018) and the experimental design includes:

  • Four organic; Four conventional farms
  • 4 varieties of spelt; 4 varieties of rye
  • Varieties grown in strip plots (100m long x 3m Drill width)
  • Management practices typical to each farm
  • Seed and any additional fertility inputs supplied by project
  • Growing season assessments completed by research and NEFG technical team

Two of the farmer-trial sites in June 2017

Managing the farm-based trials is facilitated by an on-line database to allow for data entry, trial monitoring and results dissemination.