NEFG (Nafferton Ecological Farming Group): ‘Better Organic Bread (BOB)’: Integrating raw material and process requirements for organic bread production. NEFG were responsible for the co-ordination of the field trials established in Northumberland, Norfolk and Berkshire which examined the effects of variety choice and fertility management on the bread making potential of spring wheat grown according to organic standards. Milling and baking quality of selected samples from the field trials and processing strategies were evaluated by Campden-BRI and commercial millers and bakers. This 57 month project (RD-2004-3022) began in 2005 and was funded by the Sustainable Arable LINK Scheme and a contract for £32,800 from HGCA (Project No LINK LK 0960, HGCA 3022). The final project report (PR 474), co-authored by Steve Wilcockson, is now available on-line:

Better Organic Bread - Integrating raw material and process requirments for organic bread production