Next Meeting

The date of the next NEFF meeting is Friday 14th July 2017. The next meeting will take place in MedL2.2 of the William Leech Building, Newcastle University Medical School (see map below for directions).

Speakers will be from the following labs:

Hosted by Laura Maringele Lab, Newcastle University
Speaker: TBC
Title: TBC

Hosted by Claudia Schneider lab, Newcastle University
Speaker: TBC


A map indicating the location of the Newcastle University Medical School (Cookson Building) can be found below, highlighted by the green arrow. A full map is available here or consult the Newcastle University Campus Map.

Cookson Building, Newcastle University

Future Meetings

The schedule of future meetings is shown below. External speakers are invited by labs - please refer to the external speakers rota below.

The schedule for inviting external speakers is shown below, starting with DL and JR in April 2015.

Please note that these schedules may be subject to change.

JB: Jeremy Brown
DL: David Lydall
BM: Brian Morgan
LM: Laura Maringele
JQ: Janet Quinn
JR: Julian Rutherford
CS: Claudia Schneider
EV: Elizabeth Veal
SW: Simon Whitehall
MPC: Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis
tbc: to be confirmed