About NEFF

Welcome to the NEFF website!

NEFF (the North East Fungal Forum) brings together fungal researchers from across the North East region, with the aim of not only publicising cutting edge eukaryotic research carried out in fungi, but also providing a constructive environment for the exchange of ideas. Every meeting provides an excellent forum for students, post-doctoral researchers and senior researchers alike to present their work in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

NEFF meetings are held approximately every 3 months from October to June at Newcastle University, and our seminars are given by a mix of internal and external speakers, who offer an insight into yeast work carried out in other institutions across the country or from further afield. We welcome all interest from potential speakers at NEFF, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further information about past and future NEFF meetings, the labs involved and how to contact the organising committee can be found across the website.

The date of the previous NEFF was Friday 9th March 2018. For more details nearer the time of the next event, please go to Next Meeting page.