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Documentation: the NECTE amalgamation of TLS and PVC

In amalgamating the TLS and PVC corpora, the latter has been straightforward: PVC is intact, and it is incorporated into NECTE in its entirety. TLS is more problematic on account of its fragmentary state. Project policy has been to include in NECTE only the interviews that are complete in the sense that there is an intact audio recording, an index card set, and electronic phonetic transcription and social data files for each of them, and to leave the remainder for future addition to the corpus if the requisite academic motivation and resources for their restoration materialize. There is one exception to this policy, however.

Most of the interviews were recorded in Gateshead in the south bank of the river Tyne; these are numbers 1-37 in the Gateshead part of the table of TLS materials presented in the discussion of the NECTE base corpora. But, while taking stock of these materials, NECTE discovered digital phonetic transcription and social data files for seven recordings made in Newcastle on the north bank of the Tyne; these are numbers 1-7 in the Newcastle part of the table of TLS materials. These interviews are incomplete in that they lack both audio recordings and index card sets, but it was felt that, for researchers interested in the phonetics of Tyneside speech, this material is so valuable in terms of comparability with the contemporary Gateshead recordings that it should be included in the corpus. A note of caution, however. The Newcastle recordings are, to our knowledge, undocumented. NECTE has no information on how many Newcastle recordings were made, or by whom, or whether the transcriber who produced the Gateshead phonetic transcriptions also did the Newcastle ones.

The remainder of this section describes the NECTE amalgamation of the PVC and TLS interviews under three headings: