Jan Deckers

Jan Deckers is the chair of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Research Ethics Committee and a member of University Council. He teaches and researches mainly in the School of Medicine and the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sports Sciences at Newcastle University.

His moral theory revolves around the promotion of well-being/health and his main areas of expertise lie in the ethical and legal issues related to:

· research

· global health impacts

· pandemic flu prevention 

· the human use of other animals

·  human embryo research

·  human reproduction

·  health impacts of climate change

·  the provision of feedback

·  artificial intelligence (AI)

·  leadership

·  naturalness

·  genetic engineering

·  factors that influence inequalities in health

·  deliberative reasoning

Jan is a Jiscmail list owner for mailing lists on 'animal ethics' and on 'publication ethics'. The former aims to develop the field of animal ethics and the latter aims to develop a forum to discuss publishing ethics. Feel free to contact Jan for further information and/or to subscribe.