Andrew Newman

Andrew Newman is Professor of Cultural Gerontology. Their research uses the arts and heritage to provide new perspectives on critical themes within cultural gerontology such as:

•             resilience

•             connectivity and community participation

•             ageing well at home and in community environments

•             inclusion and participation in the community

•             healthy ageing and living better for longer

•             emotional regulation in older people

Andrew is working on a project on the relationship between co-creative art and relational caring and a second that involves participatory film making in care homes as a response to the pandemic.

The timeliness and importance of this work is illustrated by the increasing numbers of older people. Worldwide numbers those over 65 are projected to increase from 390 million now to 800 million by 2025 and in the UK to have doubled to around 19 million by 2050. Andrew has been involved in research projects funded by AHRC, ESRC, and MRC to the value of £3.7M.

 Andrew is actively seeking PhD students in these areas.