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New Publication Corporeal Pedagogy: Visualizing Anatomy Through Art, Archaeology

Newcastle Medical Humanities Network is thrilled to announced the latest published chapter by members Dr Olivia Turner and Dr Sally Waite, 'Corporeal Pedagogy: Visualizing Anatomy Through Art, Archaeology, and Medicine' in Graphic Medicine, Humanizing Healthcare and Novel Approaches in Anatomical Education. Biomedical Visualization, vol 3. Springer International.


This chapter outlines the educational methodology, Corporeal Pedagogy established by Dr. Olivia Turner and Dr. Sally Waite, which uses the Shefton Collection of Greek Art and Archaeology for interdisciplinary teaching and learning. This methodology considers the relationship between objects, art, and medicine to better understand how we visualize and imagine the visceral body. It aims to create a form of learning and teaching that addresses and challenges certain conventional modes of Western education, particularly within a European university setting, and to instead facilitate embodied and haptic learning and production of knowledge. Corporeal Pedagogy explores ancient and contemporary notions of the body and embodiment, and how our perception of anatomy changes during experiences of transition, illness, and disease. The participating students used object handling, creative practice, meditation, and selected readings to investigate what it means to learn through the body. Within a university setting, the workshops illustrate the transformative role objects can play in education to facilitate radical forms of teaching and learning in the field of medical humanities.

Read herehttps://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-031-39035-7_11

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