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Funded project on ‘Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in relation to medicine and

During 2022-2024, Jan Deckers, Senior Lecturer in Bioethics in the School of Medicine, is the principal investigator on a project funded by the Butterfield Awards for UK-Japan collaboration in medical research and public health practice (Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation). 

The project involves a collaboration with Koji Tachibana from Chiba University within the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which raises a wide range of ethical issues. One area of significant contemporary interest is the issue of how AI systems might enhance moral decision-making in health care. To address this issue, Jan and Koji explore two questions. The first is what an AI system is or might be, and the second concerns the question what we might mean by moral decision-making in health care. We consider this project to be an important stepping-stone for further work in this field. The aim is to widen the research team through the development of meaningful contacts in the North-east of England and Japan.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on the question how AI might enhance decision-making in health care, please get in touch. Email: jan.deckers@ncl.ac.uk

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